Church Re-Defined
Legacy Builders Church is bringing back the Church we read about in the Bible.

Legacy Builders Church is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church that is focused on seeing lives transformed by the power of God. We stand for you, your family, and the community. Legacy is created one life at a time, and we are here to walk beside you as God transforms your life from the inside out. 

We think it's worth stating that God didn't establish His Church for perfect people. He established it for broken people, hurting people, tired people, people that have messes. Not for us to stay broken, or to stay hurting, or to stay tired, or to stay in our mess, but that we might be made whole by his love and his presence.

Legacy Builders Church is a family. Don't expect to come here and here a sermon on Sunday and wonder what to do with it Monday - Saturday. We are a Church that gets in the mess and the battles of life with each other.

We are a body of believers who have decided we are shifting from being victims to victors with the power we have been given in Christ. We focus on progress not perfection therefore we build up others not when we arrive at the victory, but as we ourselves are transforming through the process of it.

You can expect to have your needs met, your goals accomplished, and your life's purpose discovered at Legacy Builders Church because that is our DNA and how God's Kingdom was designed to function.

This isn't church as you have see before, but it is the Church you have read about in Acts.

Come and meet your new family, and let us all walk together into the promises and abundance of God. 



Are you willing to step out on the Water?

Never has their been a moment when the body of Christ needed to come together as a family, to serve one another and to love one another as now. It will take courage, and it will take BOLD faith. Do you have it in you? Are you willing to walk away from church as you have known it to follow Jesus into the unknown?

We encourage you to come and find out what God is planning for you, your family, and this community. We look forward to meeting you and your family at the Launch Party.

Email: for more information.